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Detailed coating procedure on car finish

The application of Mr. Kepeki successes via either by hand or spray. Application by hand is suitable for the surrounding in the presence of significant amounts of dust. If a dust-free environment is available, (e.g. clean room with 1000-10000 particles per cubic meter or even better), spray will be the best way to coat Mr. Kepeki on car finish!


No matter by hand or by spray, we all recommend being ready to wipe the surface slightly using a dust-free cloth in order to keep the surface gloss, if there is any flow marks, bubbles...etc. If experienced, it is possible to have the coating by spay done without any correction. By spray, it is possible to a thicker coating layer of Mr. Kepeki. The thicker the better the protection, of course.



Be careful with the dosage!!

No matter which coating method used, the remaining amount of Mr. Kepek on the car finish should not exceed 10 g per square meter (corresponding to a 4-5 micrometer coating). This could lead to cracking of the colour paint (too thick "real" 9H Kepeki layer and 3H colour paint). The special G2F sponge is so designed that the coating amount of Mr. Kepeki never exceeded the 10 g per square meter limit. Such risk is higher when coating by spray if without correction, but very low by correction since the correction with dust-free cloth reduce the amout of Mr. Kepeki.


Step 0. Before coating

Keep the surface of car finish free of dust, water and oil. Attention! Please repair the Scratching and blemishes before coating. Namely such repairment is no more possible after coating with Mr. Kepeki.  


Step 1. Coating

Method 1: by Hand

Simply apply Mr. Kepeki on the car finish with G2F sponge and wait for 0.5 to 1 minute, allowing evaporation of the solvent. Thereafter, wipe slightly the coated surface to correct the flow mark and bubbles and making the surface smooth and shinny. Recommend: each time working a on a 30 cm times 30 cm area.


Vedio Demo

Coating                                                            Correction with dust free cloth









Simutaneously coating and correcting










Method 2: by Spray

Parameters for spray

Spray head: <0.3 mm
Air compressor <10 psi, remove water and fat in the system
Pressure of spray pistol: 1-2 psi


Vedio Demo

Spray on car finish                                            on Wheel








Step 2. Correction

Directly after coating, correction could be easily done by wiping with a dust free clothIn 24 hours, it is still possible to remove Mr. Kepeki coating from the car finish with ethanol. Thereafter such removal will become extremely difficult. The shorter Mr. Kepeki stands, the easier to remove it.


Duration of the whole coating procedure

We recommend to work in a 2 person team. One is responsible for coating, another for correction with dust-free cloth, so that the overall coating for a car may be achieved in one hour.


Step 3. Drying and curing

30 minutes to 1 hour after coating, adhension of dusts on the coating will be no more possible (10 minutes if treated with IR radiation at 50-70oC).Within 24 hours, contact of the coating should be avoided. Please allow curing at least 3-5 days, but curing for 7 will be the most ideal for Mr. Kepeki to deliver the perfect protection.  

Note: Especially coating Mr. Kepeki BK and WE on car finish or similar surface is irreversible (removal only possible together with the colour paint) and the coating quality is strongly decisive for the protection effectiveness, life time and surface glossiness.


Our Partner

AVP Autopflege (in German): The Swiss leading company with certified quality in car cosmetics is specialised at application of G2F products to car cosmetics and provides also training courses.

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