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Our Products

Polymer Modifier

Heterozygosis Modifier is essential for enforced heterozygosis among different polymer materials. We have mastered the key techniques when developing customised R&D of TPU/NBR, PVC/NBR, TPU/PVC, TPU/TPEE, TPU/TPR alloys. Currently available from our previous R&D achievements are EMB-UEBS Series, EMB-PAU Series and  EMB-UE60


Flowability Modifier can larglely minimise the occurrence of junction lines and stress lines induced by the stress due to the changes of flow rate and pressure during plastic molding as a result of suddenly changing of product thickness during processing. Currently available from our previous R&D achievements is EMB-UE786


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Nylon Polyamide Masterbatch

Our fluorescent nylon masterbatch has overcome the problem of oxidative fading during nylon spinning and forming processes. Thus,  there are unlimited choices of colours from e.g. pantone colour plate system ( Several fluorescent colours are also available.

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Colour Changing Masterbatch

Our R&D team owns the unique state of art knowhow worldwide, gained from our experiences of decades, being able to synthesise MBs maximising the colour performance and the life time of the pigments and fitting all requirements of differnt kinds of further processing and production.

Our current products include (1) thermochromic, (2) photochromic

and (3) photoluminescent (glow in the dark) masterbatches 

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Special Effect Pigments/ Fragrance

Using intelligent pigment and fragrance technology to reveal the change of environment, such as mood, pressure, temperature, light and smell. We are able to help you to tell stories with colours and smells.

Our current products include: photochromic pigment, reversible thermochromic pigment, irreversible thermochromic pigment, memory type thermochromic pigment, microcapsulated fragrance, long-lasting glow in the dark pigmentinvisible fluorescent pigment. 

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Coloured Glow in the Dark Pigment

Our R&D knowhow enables glow in the dark pigment become colourful. At the same time, the glowing effect is strong and long-listing. Pigments with diameter of 50-100 µm (as powder) and 100-180 µm (as sand) are available.

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Plastic Recycling Additive

Union-1100BC was developed in response to the enormous environmental problem with the plastic today. It is not only applicable for a wide range of plastics, but also simplifies the compounding procedure of the recycled plastics, therefore delivering an elevated economic value for your recycled materials. Furthermore, the use of Union-1100BC will deliver the recycled plastics not only satisfactory but also much more stable physical and mechanical properties over the conventional additives.

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Flame Retadrant Sheet

Our flame retardant sheet will either effectively extend the time of the object to get flamed, e.g. YC-NH series, or allow the object carbonised without flaming, e.g. YC-SG series. They are suitable for fireproof wood-based construction materials, products, furniture and wallpaper as well as fireproof veneers, etc. Each flame retardant has its own special properties and combined use with each other is possible.

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Magic Clay Polymer (sculpting grade)

Clay polymer can be freely shaped by hand and with moulds and is also applicible to pratical uses e.g. repairments. It is featured as Eco-friendly, which passes RoHS and REACH and is odourless, tasteless, unlimitedly recyclable and re-formable. 

Currently clay polymer available are (1) traditional (7 colours), (2) neon (5 colours), (3) photochromic (3 colours), (4) extreme glow in the dark (2 colours), (5) photochromic (3 colours) and (6) lumi colours (8 colours).

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Functional Coating

G2F reagents for permanent surface protection:

Products                        Materials or items to protect

Mr. Kepeki White          Car finish, metals, stainless

Mr. Kepeki Black           Stone, tiles

Mr. Mamori                    Car finish (only increasing the surface hardness)

Mr. Release Resin          Car finish by forming a removable film 

Mr. Kepeki Leather        Leather

Miss Clean Glass            Glass

Miss Clean Fiber            Textile, Chamois leather, Clothing

Dr. Dannetu Ceramic   Car and Motorcycle exhaust system

Dr. Dannetu Ceramic Gel Electronic accessories


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Polymer Alloys/ Polymer Blends

is a combination of more than two polymeric materials taking advantage of either physical blending or chemical modification with the objective to improve the functional properties of a pure single polymer. Currently available from our previous R&D achievements are (but not limited to) PVC/NBR, PVC/TPU, TPU/PVC, TPU/NBR, TPU/ABS and TPR/TPU alloy


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