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Nothing is Impossible!!

We are enthusiastic at R&D of new functional polymers fitting different applications in industry and everyday life. We have already experiences in R&D of new functional polymers for more than 20 years. Particularly, we specialise at but not limited to developing polymer alloys (copolymers), modifiers and additives according to customers’ requirements and, at the same time, we carry out their production after R&D to assure the product quality and the specific properties desired.


Please leave a message which detailed specification of your products for us. We will carry out the R&D for you.

  R & D

Who is active in R&D for us?



Our Major Activities

We support the R&D development and production of new functional polymers after the customers' requirement!!

Our R&D Achievements to Date

Polymer Alloys a combination of more than two polymeric materials to aquire specific propoerties other than single polymer. Examples of our previous R&D achievement are PVC/NBR, PVC/TPU, TPU/PVC alloy, TPU/NBR, TPR/TPU and TPU/ABS alloys.


Polymer Modifiers whose knowhow was transfer from our R&D of a series of polymer alloys, allowing enforce heterozvgosis (e.g. EMB 5-10 PHR (PC、PC/ABS、ABS、PC/PBT、Nylon), EMB 5-20 PHR (TPU、TPR、PP、PE), EMB-UEBS  5-20PHR (TPU、TPR、PVC、PP、PE、ABS), EMB-PAU 5-10PHR (Nylon6、Nylon12、Nylon66), EMB-UE60 5~20PHR (designed for PVC)) or change the flow properties (e.g. EMB-UE786 3-5PHR for PC、PC/ABS、ABS、PC/PBT).

Novel Functional Polymeric Materials from our latest R&D is Clay Polymer, sculpting grade, (not Polymer Clay). Clay Polymer is robust, elastic, reformable, recyclable and eco-friendly and is easy handling and suitable for free DIY. 


Colour Changing Masterbatch from our R&D are thermochromic masterbatch, photochromic masterbatch and photoluminescent masterbatch applicable to ABS、TPU、PVC、TPR、PP、PE、POE、PS、PET… etc. Our R&D team owns the unique state of art knowhow worldwide, gained from our experiences of decades, being able to synthesise masterbatches maximising the colour performance of the pigments and the life-time of the colour changing effect of these special pigment, and fitting all requirements of differnts kinds of further processing and production.


Functional Coating "G2F functional coating" belongs to surface coating reagnets of new generation, aiming at protecting the surface of all kinds of materials against water, dirt, oil, scratch, abrasion, corrosion and at the same time keeping the surface clean and shinny. G2F functional coating contain extraordinary feature of "real long-term protection", "high efficient protection", "highly robust and resistant" and "easy handling".

Special Effect Pigments/ Fragrance Using intelligent pigment and fragrance technology to reveal the change of environment, such as mood, pressure, temperature, light and smell. We are able to help you to tell stories with colours and smells. Our major R&D interests are the modification and application of pigments with thermochromic, photochromic, fluorescence and glow in the dark effect and microcapsulated fragrance.

Uncommon 3D Printer filaments  from our R&D are (transparent) CTA, TPE, PEBAX, TPU, thermochromic, glow in the dark and photochromic filaments and especially the reformable filament. Customerised design and development of novel 3D printer filament materials is also possible. All kinds of challenges are welcome!

Carbon Fibre Sheets and Processing after customers' requirement after our decades experiences. Our achievements include high-quality carbon fibre sheet and carbon fibre made products after customer's requirements such as helm, luggage, wallet, model cars and aircrafts ...etc. We are patented with methods processing carbon fibre and  very good at computer numerical control (CNC) processing.

Colourful Glow in the Dark Pigment after our R&D know how, the glow in the dark colours, which are strong and long listing (ca. 1 hr), should no more be blue and green. Currently 12 colours are available.



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Coming soon...

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