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Functional Film

Our functional films include:

  • NSR series: PI tape PET release film for QNF moulding Saw type.

  • PET film series: PET film for QNF molding Punch Type

  • PF-MS: Ni-Au plating  protective tape, glass etching tape.

  • RF-CLF: FC substrate carrier film, PI casting film , solder mask leveling film.

  • RF-CJ: Resin-resistant  release film for PCB, FPC and CCL

  • SS-1000: use in oven and wet process by high tack of plate for clean.

  • Protective film PF-UVH-110:  PI/PET film is coated UV decompose type.

NSR series

Feature of NSR (non-silicone residual) Series For QFN (Quad Flat No-Lead) moulding  saw type

  • Good Heat Resistance using by PI Base Film & Non-Silicone Adhesive (up to 220℃)

  • Minimum Contamination of Lead-frame by Adhesive Residue

  • Preventing attachment of particles in a heat process

  • High heat resistant Molding protective & releasing function

  • Good handle on process

  • Good performance: less scum

  • No silicone contamination: increase yield rate

  • Excellent resin-resistance


NSR series.JPG
NSR specification.JPG

Protective film PF-UVH-110

  • PF-UVH-110 is an excellent UV tape. UV-decomposition acrylic resin with good adhesion ability is coated on PET film. It has the following advantages: good adhesion to touch panels, glass, stainless steel, plastics, and so on. Easy handling, no gel particles on the surface, no floating residue after peeling. Suitable for special die-cutting, good heat resistance and chemical resistance surface protection to prevent wear and reduce damage























Cleaning-up film SS-1000

  • Cleaning-up film can be applied to dust-free ovens, wet process horizontal lines, roller cleaning. If it attracts too much dirt and dust, wipe it with alcohol and reuse it until it loses its stickiness.

PF-UVH-110 data.JPG
PF-UVH-110 data II.JPG
SS-1000 1.JPG
SS-1000 2.JPG

Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed specifications of each functional  masterbatch

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