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Our Clients

To date, we have 230 documented requests worldwide (status in August 2021). Most communications succeed via Email. However, we have 5 Skype meetings and 78 telephone communications. For 5 customers we have frequently personal meetings.

Our customers are from:

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Generally, we keep the business ideas of our customers in secret. We publish the results of collaboration only with special allowance of our customers.

Client Comments

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Donnapolymer ging sehr flexibel und zielführend auf unsere Anforderungen ein. Dadurch konnten wir mit wenig Iterationen im Rahmen der Studierendenausbildung einen fertigen thermochromen Espressobecher entwickeln und herstellen. Auch in Zukunft werden wir deshalb mit Donnapolymer weitere spannende Entwicklungen angehen.

(Prof. Dr. Christian Rytka, Studiengangleiter MAS KT, FHNW, Schweiz)

​In English

Donnapolymer responded very flexibly and purposefully to our requirements. As a result, we were able to develop and manufacture a finished thermochromic espresso cup with few iterations as part of the student training. We will therefore continue to tackle other exciting developments with Donnapolymer in the future.

Coming soon...
Coming soon...
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