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Our Partners

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Polymer is in our blood!

Polymer alloy, masterbatch, modifier, and novel polymeric materials ... Cheerful Kaki has very wide and deep R&D expertise/ interest, almost unlimited. Our R&D is with the objective to let the outcome not only fitting the required specifications but also possibly easy and simple for production and processing, and moreover, with an acceptable cost, R&D for a wonderful future.

We are looking forward to all kinds of polymer R&D challenges!!

Always think of NCC, when thinking about magic colour changing effect!!

By utilising intelligent materials to reflect wide varieties of environmental changes, e.g. change in mood, change in pressure, change in temperature, change in light, and change in smell, NCC helps customers to tell stories with colour. NCC not only manufactures a variety of functional colour changeing products, but also actively engages in their applications, e.g. in plastic, textile, printing, coating, inks, accessory industry...etc. These colour changing materials will add more values to the products, making them highly unique!!


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNWInstitut für Kunststofftechnik is our partner responsible for research our polymeric materials and related products. We research and develop the innovative our ideas together.

G2F (Great Goods for Future) is dedicated to researching and developing (R&D) special functional reagents for surface coating on surface of different kindes of materials. G2F coating reagents are usually featured with real long-term protection, 9H Hardness and very high coating density, High coating efficiency, Very simple coating procedure and selectively providing coated materials specific functional properties.


6 Union Logo.jpg

Established in 1971, Union Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd. ( offers technical services and specializes in representation, import, local distribution, and stock sales. Over 40 years in services, we have been building up long term and steady partnership with the customers and suppliers. At present, we have already become one of the important suppliers of chemical raw materials in Taiwan.

With the sound financial background, enthusiastic services and experienced team work, we have obtained the trust, affirmation and support from our suppliers and customers. As a result, our business have been growing year by year and smoothly expanded into fields of supplying chemical raw materials for such relevant industries as the plastics, rubber, paint, food, electron, plastic membrane, tape, lithium battery, industrial paper, cosmetics, medicines, water treatment, dye and pigment, etc.

Apart from dealing in trade of chemical raw materials and inorder, to meet with customer's various demands, we also invest in the production of special chemicals and terminals for liquid chemicals storage, which gradually plays an important part in our further investment. At present, trading, manufacturing and tank storage have already become our core businesses.

Thank you for your visit to this website. If you are interested in other details, please have a look around the other pages or directly contact us. Thank you very much.

COLOURFUL life with unlimited joy, not only for kids but also for adults!

"Yui, ゆい (in Japanese)" is initialised by an 12 yr girl who has the idea to take advantage of the technical knowhow adapted from the polymer science. Yui "ゆい" does her best making our daily life more colourful, beautiful and interesting. Your own fantasy and creativity are especially allowed and always asked with all Yui's product.


Ray Bonding is dedicated themselves to R&D of UV curing resin and the products and instruments associated. Further products are UV LED, UV glue, protective film, conductive silver paste, graphene. Ray Bonding has set up a successful win-win mode by serving customers sincerely, to establishing good relationships with customers, enhancing competitiveness of products, and further sublimate the corporate brands in both markets. Service, trust and value are the company's operating principles.

PLAY & FUN is dedicated to ... details coming soon

ZURICH Insurance For those who really love. Discover how we can help.

Zurich insurance protect our customers, our business and company.


Yu Feng professional company in the plastic has accumulated many years of experience and knowledge development, we have the confidence and ability to develop future more demanding, more challenging

And wire products. 

For your assigned business, we will strive for your complete, allowing you full billion and production both in OEM wire, and even design and processing to the finished product,

Yu Feng has been toward integrated production, quality visible, live up to.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is our partner responsible for research our polymeric materials and related products, of course, also for the publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

TKC logo.png

Tah Kong Chemical Industrial Corporation ( was established on April 20th. 1966. Our company philosophy is solidarity and shared prosperity. Our production focuses on PVC, PU and Polyolefin processing pigment, aquatic and organic pigment, functional masterbatch as well as UV curable products.


Seednano (, a specialist in the development of 10E-9 nano-metre health protection. Seednano is a textile fibre material application company that has been researching and developing special functional fibres for 4 decades. Through the combination of functional chemical textiles, graphene, metal oxides, such as copper ions, germanium, zinc and other natural materials and textiles, to create far infrared, warmth and temperature, negative electrons, etc., natural health protection, bacteria inhibition, deodorization, etc., to do the relevant physical function of the human health, health protection guardian. A series of functional textiles that will enhance the protection of the human body. We have been working hard to develop and manufacture nano-functional textiles, starting from the raw material to the final product, including nano-powder development and manufacturing, masterbatch testing, fibre development and application, functional textiles and composite functional textiles.

YChang Logo.JPG

Yung Chyang Chemical Industries Co., Ltd, ( established in 1969, has specialised in the manufacture and sale of special grade zinc oxide powder for over 50 years. During the half century, we had excellent interaction with our customers on the usage and application of zinc oxide powder. In order to improve the dispersion problem of zinc oxide powder in the rubber industry, we developed a master batch of zinc oxide powder (E505-ZnO80) and various particle systems (Extruder) in 1990. ISO 9002 certified since 2000.

Kang Hao Nano Logo.JPG

Kang Hao Nano ( has more than 30 years of know-how and experience, specializing in nano carbon fiber related applications in long and short fibers, textile series, far infrared, germanium negative ion, herbal antibacterial, bamboo carbon energy and nano silver. Combining upstream, midstream and downstream factories to integrate manufacturing and R&D, high quality and high stability of functional products are mainly traded. The production of functional products are very popular and guaranteed.

Aurora Logo.jpg

Aurora art & creation coming soon

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