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G2F Functional Coating

Product certifications and examinations                 

1. Glossiness and Transparency Test  


Glossiness and colour appearence on uncoated car surface (left) and the surface coated with Mr. Kepeki (right)







2. Water Repellency Test  


Water contact angle on uncoated surface (left) and the surface coated with Mr. Kepeki






Water repellancy on coated Water repellency on Miss Clean coated glass (left) chamois shoes (right)



3. Cleanliness Test                  4. Corrosion Test

G2F Mr. Kekepi Leather coated


Cleanliness test against ink with NAPA leather using pens and edding, an example showing the effectiveness of e.g. Mr. Kepeki Leather

Corrosion test: Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray Test 

(CASS Test - ASTM-B368)

   Uncoated Al   

100%  corroded

2.5 µm coated Al 

ca. 1 % corroded  


   G2F metal corrosion test - coated Mr. Kepeki series on Aluminum -5052


   Based on ASTM-B368, 1 day CASS = 8 years real environment!

Test parameters

1. NaCl 5%

2. Humidity 95-98%

3. pH: 3.1~3.3

4. Temperature: 49°C

5. Air pressure: 0.07~0.17Mpa

6. Test duration: 24 hrs

7. 0.26 g/L (CuCl2 2H2O/NaCl 5%)

8. Test machine/ TMJ-9701


Original document

5. Hardness Test                                                                

Mr. Kepeki Black

Mr. Kepeki White

                    Pencil test machine

Test specification

1. 1 kgw counterweight

2. 8H and 9H pencils

3. Speed: 1 time/ sec

The coated Al surface can’t be damaged by a 8H pencil

The coated Al-surface can be damaged eventually* by a 9H pencil

*Mr. Kepeki Black and Mr. Kepeki White themselves have hardness of 9H in principle. However, if coating was improperly performed, the hardness of the coated material may not really reach 9H e.g. inhomogeneous or too thin coating.

6. Anti-Bacterial Growth Test                                                              



​Mr. Kepeki Anti-Bacterial



Initial CFU/ cm2 on uncoated sample

(ca. 0.62-2.5 E4)


24 hr incubation after inoculation on uncoated samples


24 hr incubation after inoculation on coated samples

Mr. Kepeki Anti-Bacterial successfully supressed bacterial growth on the coated surface!

 Vedio demonstration on the effectiveness of Mr. Kepeki coating                                                             

Vedio demostration on Mr. Kepeki available:

1. Coated (right) and uncoated wheel (left in vedio)









3. Water repellancy test: car finish








4. Anti dirt and oil property: kitchen equipments








5. Anti superglue test - metal

















 Vedio demonstration on the effectiveness of Miss Clean                                                             

7. Stability Test 

Thermal Analysis Information:

Heat Stability Test via TGA (left, pyrolysis temperature)

and DSC instruments (richt, Glass transition temerapture)

,also demonstating the general heat stability of all G2F products

Single layer of Mr. Release Resin

Double layer of Mr. Release Resin + colour paint

Triple layer of Mr. Release Resin + colour paint  + PU together with Mr. Mamori

to G2F Functional Coating


Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed infomation about each functional coating series.

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