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Toughness Modifier

Specifically to improve the filling ration of the polymeric materials and to avoid the polymeric materials to become hard and brittle to after filling.


Designed for ABS, PS and Nylon

Specifically to improve their filling ration and avoid ABS, PS and Nylon to become hard and brittle to after filling.

Filler loading ability depends on the amount of soft segments in the polymeric material. The amount of soft segments in ABS is determined by the content of butadiene. In comparison, the filling ration of both PS and Nylon is not so high due to the lack of soft segments. In addition, ABS, PS and Nylon usually lose their softness and toughness and become hard and brittle after filler filling.

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Zähigkeitsmodifikator Insbesondere, um das Füllverhältnis der Polymermaterialien zu verbessern und um zu vermeiden, dass die Polymermaterialien nach dem Füllen hart und spröde werden. ITSMB-UESAN7516

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