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  • Donna Chen

Fluorescent colour matching in transparent and translucent polymeric materials

The biggest challenge for the fluorescent colour matching in transparent or translucent plastic materials is that the appearance of the fluorescent colour under daylight and UV light in the dark are controlled by different factors. The appearance of the fluorescent colour under daylight is determined by the pigments not only located on the surface, but also those embedded in the whole thickness of the entire plastic material. In comparison, under UV light in the dark, the performance of the fluorescent colour is determined by the pigment located on the surface of the plastic materials because the plastic material will absorb UV light and fluorescent light. 
We own the unique colour matching technology that can perform fluorescent colour matching for transparent or translucent plastic materials. Our special color matching for fluorescent masterbatch aims to make the colour appearance of the customer´s final product fit so well as the standard sample. 
The photo shows the fluorescent nylon masterbatch that we have tuned as an example. After injection moulding, its daylight colour and its fluorescent colour under in the dark are the same as the fluorescent pigment-dyed standard filament.

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