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  • Donna Chen

The new breakthrough of our thermochormic PP masterbatch „yarn special“

Our thermochromic PP masterbath “yarn special” has a melting index value of 23 g/ 10 minutes at 220°C Under the condition of a load of 2160g

The higher melting index indicates that the thermochromic pigment will be dispersed better and more uniformly, and the lubricity within the MB is sufficient.

The advantages provided are as follow:

1. Dispersion of the pigment is faster

2. Color uniformity faster 3. The colour intensity of the extruded or injected products will increase

4. Significantly reduce the failure rate of thermochromic pigment because The outer protective shell is ruptured due to friction

5. The thread will not break so easily during spinning

6. Spinning finer yarn is possible

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