• Donna Chen

All Products made of Donna Polymer Glow in the Dark Pigment

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

1. Glow in the dark sand

Diameter: 100-180 µm, processing temperature < 80°C

2. Glow in the dark powder

Diameter: 50-100 µm, processing temperature < 80°C

3. Glow in the dark FIMO

Processing temperature < 110°C, for sculpturing

4. Glow in the dark polycaprolactone

Processing temperature < 60°C, for sculpturing

5. Glow in the dark masterbatch

Processing temperature < 260°C, for injection moulding, extrusion

6. Glow in the dark blend

Processing temperature < 240°C, for injection moulding, extrusion

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