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  • Donna Chen

Why to use masterbatch?

Advantages to use masterbatch (MB) to colour polymeric materials over dying (all kinds of colours)

1. No attachment problem of the pigment on the polymer material surface

2. Higher temperature resistant due to the protection by polymeric materials

3. Resistant against chemicals such as acids and bases.

4. More resistant to colour fading caused by different environmental conditions, e.g. friction, sunlight …etc. Namely, the pigment is incorporated into the polymeric material.

5. Resulting in much less environmental pollution. Unlike dying, no wastes will be produced during injection moulding and extrusion.

6. Possible for recycling (through the high temperature injection moulding and extrusion).


Colour appearance not so good as dying. By dying, all pigments used are concentrated on the plastic surface, whereas with MB the pigments are evenly distributed in the plastic.

Advantages to colour polymeric materials by dying over using MB

Better colour appearance, MOQ lower, technological threshold lower. But the dyed plastic is unfavourable for recycling.

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