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  • Donna Chen

Technical information required when ordering a thermochromic masterbatch from us

Q: Which technical information should be provided, if I would like to order a thermochromic (also photochromic and photoluminescent) masterbatch suitable for my business or research project?

A: Thermochromic (also photochromic and photoluminescent) pigments behaves very differently from the regular pigments. They are extremely sensitive to the environmental condition.

Therefore, to design a thermohcormic (also photochromic and photoluminescent) masterbatch fit your request, some basic information as follow is needed:

(1) The polymeric material used for your product, e.g. PE, PP, TPU, PC, PS, PLA …etc.

(2) The colour changing effect requested, e.g. single or multi staged colour changes and the colour switching temperatures.

(3) Production methods and conditions (especially the processing temperature), e.g. injection moulding, extrusion, blowing, yarn…etc.

(4) Whether the end product will be in contact with food.

(5) Specific request such as special mechanical properties and appearance of the end product.

We are very willing to provide all possible technical supports until the success of your project. The more detailed information you provide in advance, the easier and earlier we may provide you the ideal thermochromic (also photochromic and photoluminescent) MB for your research and business project. At the same time we will respect your research and business secret.

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