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  • Donna Chen

Possible to print or dye clothes with thermochromic pigment?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Application of thermochromic pigment onto textile is possible via printing or something similar to finishing process in textile:

1. The thermochromic pigment can be mixed with printing paste and then printing the pattern you want on t-shirt.

2. A dying bath can be prepared by mixing thermochromic pigment together with the binder. Thereafter, the clothes need to be incubated in this bath for about 20 minutes and then sent for drying. The drawback could be that the attachment is not so strong so that the thermochromic pigment may gradually detach after 10-20 times washes.

The thermochromic pigment is not a dye and only is possible to attach on the clothes by binders.

You can use the same binder as those taken for the usual pigments. Nevertheless, binders containing acetone and alcohol solvent, such as PU binder should be avoided, which may decompose thermochromic pigment.

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