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  • Donna Chen

Irreversible Photochromic Pigment

Colour appears irreversibly when exposed to UV but not the visible light

The irreversible photochromic products show their colours when exposed to UV but not visible light. Unlike the reversible photochromic products, its colour will not revert to their original colours when the UV is dimmed or blocked. The permanently changed molecule structure of irreversible photochromic pigments after absorption of sunlight/UV allows a colour appears irreversibly. Our irreversible photochromic pigment passed EN-71 & RoHS and is safe for food grade packing and toys. More technical details and applications, if needed ...

Available Products

Irreversible Photochromic Microcapsulated Powder: Irreversible photochromic microencapsulated powder contains less than 3% of moisture, suitable for solvent/aqueous based ink/paint

Available Colours

Blue currently

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