• Donna Chen

DIY Coloured Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay (FIMO)

Now glow in the dark polymer clay sculpture is no more essential to be colourless under daylight and glowing only in green and blue. Mixing polymer clay with our coloured glow in the dark powder, DIY coloured glow in the dark polymer clay is now possilbe!

The sculpture could be coloured under the daylight and also glow in the dark in different colours in the darkness!!

Baking at 110oC for 30 minutres to harden coloured polymer clay was demonstrated influence glow in the dark effect of different colours very little. Welcome to contact us for any sculpture and art work based on our new coloured glow in the dark polymer clay!!

#SwissBlauregen #Glowinthedark #FIMO #PolymerClay #Phosphorescence

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