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Miss Clean Glass coating procedure

The application of Miss Clean Glass may simply successes by hand or spray.



About 10 g per square meter recommanded


Step 0. Before coating

Keep the surface of car finish free of dust, water, oil and any water relennency reagnts. Attention! Please repair the Scratching and blemishes before coating. Namely such repairment is no more possible after coating with Miss Clean Glass.  


Step 1. Coating

Simply apply Miss Clean Glass on the glass avoid to get in touch with any plastic accessories surrounding the glass if there is any (Plastics may turn into white after reaction with Miss Clean Glass). One or 2 minutes after application, the glass surface may appear white due to the inhomogeneous application of Miss Clean on glass surface but no urgent measure against this is essential.


Step 3. Drying and curing

Drying with dryer at 500oC for 5 to 8 minutes nad curing for futher 2 hours or

Air dry at room temperature for 2 days if not contineously raining.


Step 4. Removal of reagnet residues

Wiping and polishing the coated glass surface with a dust free cloth to remove the unreacted Miss Clean Glass reagents


Vedio Demo










(1) After coating, the use of windshield wipers is not always essential, on the one hand,  the rain water dropping off quickly, on the other hand extending the lifetime of the coating 


(2) The first car whose windshield coated with Miss Clean Glass has run more than 260000 km (3 years, in Taipeh, Taiwan, where is hot in summer (38oC), air polluted and rains a lot and is hot). The engine has been once revised but the coating still work perfectly!






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