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Mr. Kepeki coating procedure on WC

The application of Mr. Kepeki to WC may simply successes by hand or spray.



10-20 g each square meter recommanded


Coating Procedures

Step 0. Before coating

1. Clean WC thoroughly using basic detergent and then clean water.

2. Switch off the water.

3. Dry WC with hair dryer or air dry and make sure no water, oil, dirt left on WC surface.

4. Make sure once again that there is not any water, oil and dirt left on the WC surface.


Step 1. Coating

1. Simply apply Mr. Kepeki on the WC surface sysmatically using G2F speical sponge and avoid repeated application, until the place a little higher than the water level (contact with water should be avoided!)

2. If feel astringent when applying, refill Mr. Kepeki to the sponge


Step 3. Drying and curing

1.Before re-use of WC, air dry at room temperature for 2-6 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity.

2. After about 12 hours, WC can be used as usual

3. The curing complete in 3 to 7 days, depending on the weather conditions, e.g. temperature, humidity, 

4. Avoid to use alkaline or acidic detergent to wash WC in between


Special Features after coating Mr. Kepeki

1. Remarkably enhanced surface hardness, increased gloss and transparency, water, oil and dirt repellency, base and acid resistency, weather resistency and "easy clean".

2. Based on CNS 8886 Z8026 test, when using in normal ways, the performance of Mr. Kepeki may list more than 8 years

3. The very inert coating surface may reduce the growth of bacteria and pests and keep the environment as clean as possible more easily.


Easy Clean

1. After curing is complete, if there is any dirt, you may wash the WC gently with soap water or clean water  with a sponge.
2. Using a magic brush, stiff brush and strong acidic or alkaline cleaning / solvents, etc. are unnecessary.

3. "Easy Clean" means that the clean-up procedure is much simplified and no special detergent is needed but not meaning never gets dirty



1. Mr. Kepeki is suitable for a variety of kitchen equipment easy to dirty oily.For example: bad hand washing, toilets, cupboards, floor, water go bad, ditch cover and so on.

2. Mr. Kepeki is unsuitable for glass made facilities because of inhomogeneous coating, leading to the appearance of undesirable phenomena (using Miss Clean Glass recommended!)

3. When coatings Mr. Kepeki, keep the indoor air circulation, and wear protection gloves and masks.

4. If Mr. Kepeki contacting the body,  just wash with soap and clean water. 

5. If Mr. Kepeki contacting the eye, please flush with clean water. If still feel ill, please seek medical advice

6. If feel sick during coating due to inhalation of organic solvent, please move immediately to in a well ventilated place for a rest. If still feel ill, please seek medical advice.


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