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Mr. Kepeki Leather coating procedure

The application of Mr. Kepeki Leather may simply successes by hand and spray



About 10 g per square meter recommanded


Step 0. Before coating

Keep the surface of car finish free of dust, water, oil and any water relennency reagnts. Old leather is more suitable than the new one, since the cracks form thereafter will be uncoated.


Step 1. Coating

Simply apply Mr. Kepeki Leather on the glass avoid to get in touch with any accessories surrounding made of other materials. Thereafter, Wiping and polishing gently the coated leather surface with a dust free cloth to homogenerise the Mr. Kepeki Leather reagents applied on leather surface. much too thick coating will lead to cracks


Step 3. Drying and curing

Air dry at room temperature for 2 days at well ventilated place if not contineously raining.


Vedio Demo










(1) After coating, the use of windshield wipers is not always essential, on the one hand,  the rain water dropping off quickly, on the other hand extending the lifetime of the coating 








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