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Nylon Polyamide Masterbatch - FAQs

Q: What is the processing  conditions of our fluorescent nylon MB?

A:  The most fluorescent pigments are stabile until 240 °C and then start to decompose (stable at 260 °C only for about a second). The special formula in our masterbatches allow the fluorescent pigments being stable at 260°C for 2 minutes. Therefore, the resin temperature (not maschine) should be possibly lower than 260°C. Bubbles form once the fluorescent pigment decompose and thereafter the yarn will break when producing yarn.

Q: Which care should be taken before processing our fluorescent nylon MB?

A:  Dry polyamide and masterbatch properly, since water will react with and decompose fluorescence pigments. The water content should be lower than 0.01%.

Q: How stable is the product colour made of our fluorescent nylon MB?

A:  The fluorescent colour of our ever first nylon yarn made on 03 September 2018 is still intensitve and brillant today.

Q: Colour availability of our fluorescent nylon MB?

A:  10 colours are currently available, including pink, nova red, laser red, flame orange, blaze, stella green, magenta, strong magenta, lunar yellow and comet blue.

Q: All colours availabile for our all colour nylon MB?

A:  Yes. Generally there are unlimited choices of regular colours, since our nylon (polyamide) masterbatch has overcome the problem of oxidative fading during processing and long term storage. Please refer your requested colours via e.g. pantone colour plate system (, more concretely the colour code and year, or send us your dream colours via post.


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