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New! Plastic Recycling Additive

Updated: Jul 18

Union-1100BC was developed in response to the enormous environmental problem with the plastic today. It is not only applicable for a wide range of plastics, but also simplifies the compounding procedure of the recycled plastics, therefore delivering an elevated economic value for your recycled materials. Furthermore, the use of Union-1100BC will deliver the recycled plastics not only satisfactory but also much more stable physical and mechanical properties over the conventional additives.

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Zähigkeitsmodifikator Insbesondere, um das Füllverhältnis der Polymermaterialien zu verbessern und um zu vermeiden, dass die Polymermaterialien nach dem Füllen hart und spröde werden. ITSMB-UESAN7516

Toughness Modifier

Specifically to improve the filling ration of the polymeric materials and to avoid the polymeric materials to become hard and brittle to after filling. ITSMB-UESAN7516 Designed for ABS, PS and Nylon S

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