Swiss perfection designed for Europe produced in Taiwan

Donna Polymer



Donna Polymer




Best Polymer R&D Support and Products

Nothing is Impossible!

We are enthusiastic at R&D of new functional polymers fitting different applications in industry and everyday life and look forward to your requests!!

All in One International Agency

R&D service, Customised production, Polymer alloy, Recycling additive, Modifier, Colour changing masterbatch, Fluorescent nylon masterbatch, Functional coating, Magic clay polymer, Special pigments, UV-curing resin, ...

Anti-epidemic Suppliers Available...

We are rationed with very limited amounts and hope the COVID-19 epidemic can be stopped rapidly.

Donna Polymer

R&D Support & Customised Production

Last update: 26.Nov.2020


Tel.  +41 (0)43 542 81 31

Cell +41 (0)76 623 15 17


Skype: Donna Polymer

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